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*What does sex, lies, debotchery, backstabbing, catfights, bitchy women and lots of hot men sound like? Our Thursday night guilty pleasure of course! If you're as addicted to this hit webseries as we are, this is the place you'll want to be for all things DeVanity! As a fan connection member you'll have exclusive access to the latest news, events, insider interviews with the cast and crew!

We'll strive to give DeVanity fans the pampering they deserve!  -Chrissy

As Jason DeVanity says, "Watch soaps or die bitches!"

For all the DeVanity fans out there, when RHeart Network approached me about starting this fan website, I couldn't get over how excited I was. RHeart has done an absolutely gorgeous job with the site, and I am honored to let them be the first authorized Official DeVanity Fan Connection. I hope you check in for sneak peeks, exclusive interviews, and behind the scenes photos of DeVanity. I truly believe this will be a wonderful place for the fans to come together and get dirty with DeVanity. You are our most important resource, and we never forget that. Thank you for making our show a success!!    Sincerely, Michael Caruso

A message from the Creator, Producer, Writer, Director & Star of DeVanity Michael Caruso...

​​A Message From The DeVanity Fans President



♥Season 3 was chock full of craziness, great zingers & of course, catfights! Here are some of fan's favorite moments!

~RHeart Network Presents~



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